Tree trimming

Not all trees are created equally. We are experts in tree species and what each species requires. We’ll be in and out quickly, with everything handled from the trimming to the cleanup. Just read one of our happy customer’s reviews:

“Luis is very knowledgeable about his trees. He immediately knew what type of tree he was dealing with and what had to be done. I was pleased that he was so competent. He set a price and time and did not change it at all. His crew was very thorough, professional, and very clean. As others have stated, it was cleaner than when he came. He was very reasonable and efficient and I'll definitely have him come back to prune my trees. I'm an extremely satisfied customer.”

Erich L., San Fernando

Palm tree cleaning

Trimming palm trees is a highly specialized process. Do it wrong, and you can introduce a disease to the tree or stunt its growth. That’s why you need someone with our expertise to do the job and do it right.

“This company is the best! They were out here within hours to quote and only a few days before appt. We had palms that have been neglected for quite some time along with other trees that needed some TLC. Not only did they get the job done, but their clean up was impeccable. We would definitely use them again. I highly recommend them. Great job guys!”

Kellie P., Santa Clarita

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